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Latest Poem

For Liam

Dad, this is an honour, to stand as your best man,
And just for these ten minutes, wear the crown.
My chest puffed out with pride, and I won’t lie dad, I cried -
Until I found out everyone else had turned you down.

So let me get something off my chest, that’s been bugging me for years:
Now, I’d hate you all to see me as a moaner.
But why is it, when follicles and a barnett ain’t your strength
Do your colleagues call you Bart, and never Homer?

I’m not saying that you’re lazy dad, or guzzle too much beer;
It’s not the lack of wit or repartee.
It’s not that fading fitness or that slowly expanding paunch,
But that razor-sharp yellow cartoon - why he?

For when it comes to characters from film or off the telly;
For me ol’ chap, there’s only one real choicey.
I know that Victor Meldrew or Uncle Albert fit the bill,
But for you dad, it’s the one and only Boycey.

That second-hand car salesman, unflappable and suave,
Shining that Black Audi to its ends.
Oozing in composure and controlling all the room,
With more than his fair share of dodgy friends.

Or maybe it’s James Bond who you’ve more in common with?
Quick-witted like a bullet from a gun.
Sharp-suited, on a mission, never stirred or shaken,
And debonair and classy, like your son.

But seriously, dad, I can’t tell you just how proud
I am to stand up here and take the floor.
And I know that I’ve indulged myself in gags at your expense,
But fasten your seatbelt sunshine, here’s some more.

I wonder if you remember that day I asked the question:
‘Between your car and me, which gets you high?’
You closed your eyes and pondered it, while I stood open-mouthed,
And you guessed it folks, I still wait for a reply.

And that penchant for a dad joke that’s never far away
Could be seen as one of your few frailties.
But I believe that’s just another thing that makes you you,
My corny partial throwback to the eighties.

So Marlene.. I mean Lisa, are you sure you’ve worked this out?
Are you ready for a life spent back in time?
Can you bear to be with me and him in our nostalgia-land
In a constant state of 1989?

So raise your glasses one and all for a simply super bloke,
Someone who’ll fix a problem if he can.
‘Cos if you want the best ‘uns, and you don’t tend to ask questions,
Then dad and my best friend - you are the man.

Published 28th Jul 2023 | Tributes

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Re: 'Starting Over'

One of my childhood bezzies, who knew my Dad as well as anyone when we were kids, writes some brilliant poetry so I asked him if he could put something together with him in mind. Knowing my Dad was both a John Lennon fan and a great cook he came up with this. It blew me away. Thank you so much Stephen Williams

From Ian, Wigan

Below Par

I needed something just a little out of the ordinary as a special memory and testament to a friend. Steve at Jiggery Poetry quickly got to work and created a bespoke piece which offered a humorous yet respectful and fitting piece of poetry which hit the spot. I can't recommend him enough....

From Roz, Yorkshire

School Librarian

Thanks Steve for a brilliant poetry slam day at our school. The kids were entertained from start to finish with your energy and ability to get them writing and performing their work! The poems you wrote for us are very funny - the 'librarian' one has pride of place in our office!!

From Jean - School Librarian, Selby

Father of the Bride - Midlands Style!

Stephen's poetry is simply the best. I found his poems/verse etc on social media & my days always begin with a hearty laugh! His humour is superbly funny & combined with the timing & unmatched wit is a joy to read. You just get lost in this world that anyone can relate to whatever path their life is on. His poetry for best man wedding speeches caught my eye & he has done a brilliant “ father of the bride” piece for me to relate at my daughters wedding. I provided the info & he simply turned it into a masterpiece!! I literally cried with laughter when I read it. ALL of the comments he gets are positive & appreciative & I cannot recommend him highly enough…he is a genius of wit, wisdom & word!

From Mike, Kidderminster

A Midsummer's Ice Cream

Brilliantly funny! The book arrived and was perfectly timed. It has cheered me up and taken my mind off things wonderfully. Thank you Stephen!

From Amanda