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Latest Poem

For Gina and Andy

For Gina and Andy

The chapel back at Charterhouse, not known for seeds of passion;
More a place of quiet contemplation, of a fashion.
But look beneath the Eucharists and dusty hymn books’ covers
And come with me as we recall the birth of these two lovers.

While classmates slumped in polished pews and teachers stood there yawning;
As hymns and psalms and prayers were all recited on that morning;
Our Andy’s eyes, by now aflame, were growing ever keener
As they gazed across the hallowed space and landed on his Gina.

The brooding Andrew, lost in deep and quiet introspection
In candlelight, did fight to quell his instant, deep affection.
And Gina with her hair and nails was peering at her man,
But really focused on her brand new bottle of fake tan.

And words were few initially when their love began to harden
As Gina spent most afternoons with Liv in Gownboys’ Garden.
And Andy was no angel with his attitude and smirk:
‘Maniacs’ was where the lads and he would often lurk.

A glance or Facebook message was the sparse communication
That passed between these youngsters in their place of education.
However, as is normal when the long school days are through,
A local dingy nightclub did what dingy nightclubs do.

With Avison and Pike in tow, Will Walker and Josh Plummer,
(A tribute act for Westlife, Backstreet Boys or Dumb and Dumber)
They strutted into MNG with swagger, pirouette,
Like a troop of fashionistas, or as close as they could get.

A sea of drunken college kids, a thick haze of Chanel;
A Monday night in Gulidford with its iffy clientele.
But across a crowded dance floor (or so the cliche goes),
Andy’s eyes met Gina’s and obsessiveness arose.

A Jager Bomb or ten, a hundred WKDs,
And things began to pick up pace and, feeling more at ease,
A word became a natter and a smile became a kiss,
And timidity and awkwardness from chapel turned to bliss.

And miles of British motorways and rail tracks couldn’t part them,
In Bristol or in Durham, they refused to be disheartened.
Upon the rig or in The Smoke the days and nights seemed longer
But distance only made this wondrous couple even stronger.

And now with ten years down the road their love is crystallising
But matrimony, as we know, demands some compromising:
For Andy now can see past all those times when Gina’s scatty,
And Gina knows his first love is the Porsche or the Bugati.

So raise a glass of something fizzy high up in the air
And celebrate the future of this extra-special pair.
We hope today’s excitement, joy and wonder never ends -
And from me, I couldn’t wish for two more scrumptious perfect friends.

Published 21st Aug 2021 | Weddings

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Re: 'Starting Over'

One of my childhood bezzies, who knew my Dad as well as anyone when we were kids, writes some brilliant poetry so I asked him if he could put something together with him in mind. Knowing my Dad was both a John Lennon fan and a great cook he came up with this. It blew me away. Thank you so much Stephen Williams

From Ian, Wigan

Below Par

I needed something just a little out of the ordinary as a special memory and testament to a friend. Steve at Jiggery Poetry quickly got to work and created a bespoke piece which offered a humorous yet respectful and fitting piece of poetry which hit the spot. I can't recommend him enough....

From Roz, Yorkshire

School Librarian

Thanks Steve for a brilliant poetry slam day at our school. The kids were entertained from start to finish with your energy and ability to get them writing and performing their work! The poems you wrote for us are very funny - the 'librarian' one has pride of place in our office!!

From Jean - School Librarian, Selby

Father of the Bride - Midlands Style!

Stephen's poetry is simply the best. I found his poems/verse etc on social media & my days always begin with a hearty laugh! His humour is superbly funny & combined with the timing & unmatched wit is a joy to read. You just get lost in this world that anyone can relate to whatever path their life is on. His poetry for best man wedding speeches caught my eye & he has done a brilliant “ father of the bride” piece for me to relate at my daughters wedding. I provided the info & he simply turned it into a masterpiece!! I literally cried with laughter when I read it. ALL of the comments he gets are positive & appreciative & I cannot recommend him highly enough…he is a genius of wit, wisdom & word!

From Mike, Kidderminster

'A Midsummer's Ice Cream'

Brilliantly funny! The book arrived and was perfectly timed. It has cheered me up and taken my mind off things wonderfully. Thank you Stephen!

From Amanda

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