...so, how does JiggeryPoetry work?

It's jiggering easy!

Step One: You've already found me so I'm guessing you need a poem or a speech. Browse the texts on here and if they've made you smile and you think I'm the one who can help, move on to Step Two.

Step Two: Give me a ring, send me an email or fill in the contact form and we'll have a natter. (Based on what you've seen of my poetry, you may stress a preference for the style and length of poem you require - be sure to check with me for pricing options.)

Step Three: Wait for your poem/speech to arrive (you won't be waiting long). After making payment, you will receive an electronic version and a voicefile of a reading on or before the agreed deadline. JiggeryPoetry poems are always excellent value and on time. (I don't charge extra for further redrafts like some writing services do - I'll redraft as much as you like so that we can get the poem perfect - however many times it takes!)


What exactly do you need from me?

As soon as you get in touch, I'll email you a form which will ask you some questions about the person you want the poem/speech for. Complete the form with as much detail as you want to reveal and spin it back to me. Or (and this is an even better option) give me a ring and we'll have a natter.

How long does it take?

JiggeryPoetry is fast: 2-3 weeks from contact to delivery. Although it may take a little longer if you want to spend time checking and rechecking drafts of you poem/speech. (I would definitely advise this as you and I want your poem to be right, so feel free to take your time.)

What do I receive?

Electronic copy and voicefile.  

What if I need something completely different?

Get in touch. At JiggeryPoetry, anything's possible. 

Latest Poem

For Liam

Dad, this is an honour, to stand as your best man,
And just for these ten minutes, wear the crown.
My chest puffed out with pride, and I won’t lie dad, I cried -
Until I found out everyone else had turned you down.

So let me get something off my chest, that’s been bugging me for years:
Now, I’d hate you all to see me as a moaner.
But why is it, when follicles and a barnett ain’t your strength
Do your colleagues call you Bart, and never Homer?

I’m not saying that you’re lazy dad, or guzzle too much beer;
It’s not the lack of wit or repartee.
It’s not that fading fitness or that slowly expanding paunch,
But that razor-sharp yellow cartoon - why he?

For when it comes to characters from film or off the telly;
For me ol’ chap, there’s only one real choicey.
I know that Victor Meldrew or Uncle Albert fit the bill,
But for you dad, it’s the one and only Boycey.

That second-hand car salesman, unflappable and suave,
Shining that Black Audi to its ends.
Oozing in composure and controlling all the room,
With more than his fair share of dodgy friends.

Or maybe it’s James Bond who you’ve more in common with?
Quick-witted like a bullet from a gun.
Sharp-suited, on a mission, never stirred or shaken,
And debonair and classy, like your son.

But seriously, dad, I can’t tell you just how proud
I am to stand up here and take the floor.
And I know that I’ve indulged myself in gags at your expense,
But fasten your seatbelt sunshine, here’s some more.

I wonder if you remember that day I asked the question:
‘Between your car and me, which gets you high?’
You closed your eyes and pondered it, while I stood open-mouthed,
And you guessed it folks, I still wait for a reply.

And that penchant for a dad joke that’s never far away
Could be seen as one of your few frailties.
But I believe that’s just another thing that makes you you,
My corny partial throwback to the eighties.

So Marlene.. I mean Lisa, are you sure you’ve worked this out?
Are you ready for a life spent back in time?
Can you bear to be with me and him in our nostalgia-land
In a constant state of 1989?

So raise your glasses one and all for a simply super bloke,
Someone who’ll fix a problem if he can.
‘Cos if you want the best ‘uns, and you don’t tend to ask questions,
Then dad and my best friend - you are the man.

Published 28th Jul 2023 | Tributes