Wheelie Trainers

Those Wheelie Trainers

Take my Bowie records and my Star Wars DVDs;
Rip the Berghaus jacket off my back.
Cut my hair, eBay my chair and leave me on my knees
And burn my prized Adidas anorak.

Instant football access in our pockets won't placate us;
Technology ain't what us dads desire.
You can eat my sweets, delete my tweets and detonate my status,
The interweb don't set our hearts on fire.

And don't go to the dads’ shelves when in search of Christmas goodies:
A ninja turtle tie won't bring us laughter.
We're not craving Marks and Spencer’s when we rise on Christmas morning;
It's those trainers with the wheels on that we're after.

As usual, the kids get all the best stuff Christmas Day
While we're left with the jumpers and the socks.
See our jealous faces when we're gathered round the tree
And those wheelie shoes are pulled out of the box.

Just imagine me and Geoff and Dave a-skating to the match
Or sliding round the aisles in Tesco shopping.
The pirouettes and spins would surely help our BMI
And work wonders for our secret body-popping!

So let us at those wheelies children; give us dads a treat.
Rejecting our desires is such a crime.
It was us that gave you skateboards, skateparks, rollerblades and life.
So open up your hearts it's payback time.

Published 14th Feb 2017 | For Dad

Alchemy Dad

Alchemy Dad

Our dad was the DIY wizard.
Something to fix? Piece of cake.
When locked in the warmth of his garage,
There was nothing that he couldn't make.

He once made a TV antenna
By bending my sister's hair clip.
He even made grandma’s false teeth
From some plastic he'd found on a skip.

A piece of old carpet from my room
And some biscuits that lay in the larder
Were woven together like magic
And turned into a blue Ford Granada.

A sock and an old tin of peas
Were transformed into Action Man clothes.
And he made us a scarf and some mittens
From the hairs that grew up his nose.

He spent his days fixing and building;
And nothing for dad was too tough.
Like for Xmas he made us a bike each
From four rusty nails and some fluff.

He never was tempted by shopping;
The family had all heard him shout:
‘Why would I spend cash on rubbish
When I can make magic for nowt?’

But the best thing he ever created
As I take a look back through the years
Was that day when I fell on my knees
He made a big smile from my tears.

Published 21st Feb 2017 | For Dad