...so, who and what and where is JiggeryPoetry?

Me, Stephen Williams. And I'm here, in Yorkshire, waiting for your call!

Having been an English teacher for thousands and thousands of years, I've got to know my way around a rhyming couplet or two. So I am excited to offer a service that allows you to say precisely what you want to say in creatively-worded, cleverly-constructed, uniquely-personalised verse.

I have been writing poetry for most of my life: sometimes for family, sometimes for friends or colleagues, and always for myself. For me, nothing beats the impact a poem can have; it's poetry we can turn to when plain speech seems inadequate. 

My influences are many: of course, the much-loved poets from the 'Best Poets in the History of the Universe Ever' list. However, much of what I do exists because of the more contemporary 'stand-up' breed of poet - the modern poets who believe poetry is for everyone and can be about anything. (Search up: Taylor Mali, Luke Wright, Lemn Sissay)

Poetry, in all its forms, is my passion. And I hope, as you explore this site, you find something that makes you smile and gives you a feel for the type of poems I love to write. 

Latest Poem

For Gemma

For Gemma

And now for something different, not really in the script,
That makes a bit more sense the more pints of beer you’ve sipped.
For yes, I have a secret, and not a lot of people know it -
You guessed it everybody: I’ve turned into a writer… poet! I’ve turned into a poet!

Ok, that’s not the best of starts; rhyme really ain’t my business.
I’m up here in the sunshine to pay tribute and bear witness
To our lovely daughter Gemma, as time rolls on too fast.
So let’s enjoy her blushes, as we delve into her past.

We’ll start at the beginning and we’ll end up at the end.
Then let me introduce to you, her imaginary friend.
‘Beg,’ if I recall, was this little creature’s name,
And he took over our lives, but it started as a game.


Published 28th Oct 2022 | Weddings