...so, who is JiggeryPoetry?

Me, Stephen Williams.

Having been an English teacher for just under twenty years, I've got to know my way around a rhyming couplet or two. So I am excited to offer a service that allows you to say precisely what you want to say in creatively-worded, cleverly-constructed, uniquely-personalised verse.

Although JiggeryPoetry is a new venture, I have been writing poetry for most of my life: sometimes for family, sometimes for friends or colleagues, and always for myself. For me, nothing beats the impact a poem can have; it's poetry we can turn to when plain speech seems inadequate and unable to find the right words. Well, with a little JiggeryPoetry, I find them.

My influences are many: of course, the much-loved poets from the 'Best Poets in the History of the Universe Ever' list. However, much of what I do exists because of the more contemporary 'stand-up' breed of poet - the modern poets who believe poetry is for everyone and can be about anything.

Poetry, in all its forms, is my passion. And I hope, as you explore this site, you find something that makes you smile and gives you a feel for the type of poems I love to write. 

Latest Poem

Pie Shop Police

Pie Shop Police

Guardians of the pie shop; northern upper crust.
The bouncers for the butty on your break.
Custodians of the brownie
For Wigan’s finest townie;
Purveyors of the parkin, pie and cake.

The minders of the muffins; the gurus of the gateau -
High chieftans of the chocolate-dipped flapjack.
Primed if it turns nasty
Over sausage roll or pasty -
Wait Ann behind the counter and Linda out the back.

Published 11th Jun 2017 | Just for Fun